About the Author

    The author, Tim Scott, worked at the Ben Hogan Company from 1969 – 1982, the last eight years as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  

Tim Scott grew up in Northeastern Ohio and began playing golf at age 11.  With the help of the Warren Avalon Golf Course golf professional, Virg Theis, Tim learned to play well enough to play on his high school team for 4 years, and when a knee injury ended his varsity basketball career his junior year at DePauw University the golf coach, Ted Katula, helped Tim further develop his game, and he played on the DePauw team his junior and senior years.  

      After earning his MBA at Dartmouth’s Amos Tuck School of Business, he joined the AMF Sports Product Group in Stamford, CT. With the planned career path to move to the AMF Ben Hogan Company in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1969 he moved to Fort Worth as the Assistant to the President of the Ben Hogan Company. He worked his way through the various sales & marketing positions to become the Sales & Marketing Vice President in 1974.

      In the Sales & Marketing VP position Tim interacted frequently with Mr. Hogan. When TV commercials became popular in the golf industry Tim convinced Mr. Hogan to participate in the company’s first TV commercials. They both actively participated with the ad agency in the development and production of the commercials.

      As a junior member and active golfer at Shady Oaks Country Club Tim played half a dozen or so rounds of golf with Mr. Hogan and became acquainted with many of Ben Hogan’s friends, and played golf with a number of them.

     In 1999 Tim contributed an early version of the “Max, Duffer and Buster” chapter, about Ben Hogan and a dog named Max, to Mike Towle’s Ben Hogan book that was published in 2000. In 2002 that Max story was selected as the basis for one of Paul Harvey’s famed “The Rest of the Story” episodes— a major encouragement for Tim who at a time had serious doubts about continuing the part-time book writing project, which was then in its tenth year.

      Through his relationship with Ben Hogan, and with many of Hogan’s friends and acquaintances, both in the industry and at Shady Oaks, Tim felt he was able to differentiate the man from the myths. Reflecting back on his experiences after he moved to Fort Worth as a young man fresh out of graduate business school, he is very thankful he had the opportunity to work for Ben Hogan as he believes he learned a great deal about character and about life from him.

That’s why he wrote the book. He believed that others should know the man, Ben Hogan.