“The Myths Everyone Knew, The Man No One Knew”

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“The Myths Everyone Knows, The Man No One Knew”

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Tim Scott was the sales & marketing vice president of the AMF Ben Hogan Company from 1974 to 1982.  In that position he worked closely with Ben Hogan, and met many people who knew him, both in golf and in his personal life.  During and after his days at the Hogan Company he felt the public image of Mr. Hogan was primarily, and unfairly, negative—cold, uncaring, unfriendly and at times even surly and without compassion, but that was by no means the totality of his personality. It was far from it, and he believed it should not define the man. Ben Hogan was an imperfect man, as are all of us in the human race, and because he was a very private person many of his fine qualities were never made public, only his friends or closer acquaintances knew of them.

Consequently, the disparity between what he knew of Ben Hogan and what he read, heard or saw about the man prompted him to write down his personal experiences and then further expand the network to others who knew Hogan well. Throughout his research he noted a very distinct pattern of major differences between the opinions of those who actually knew Ben Hogan the man, and those who just casually knew him from a distance or knew him only via his public image.

The author offers first hand glimpses into those little known aspects of the man, Ben Hogan.